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"When I first met Morgan, I was dealing with a number of physical issues. I was exhausted all the time, and had recently been prescribed muscle relaxants to alleviate the tension in my jaw, neck, and back. This tension was constant, and I was dealing with headaches, fatigue, and pain on a daily basis. And I was only 27 years old! In addition, I am a singer and actress and the tension had very adverse effects on my voice. Working with Morgan, first in a group class, and then in private sessions, was a huge turning point in my life. Not only did I lose much of the tension in my body and voice, I also started sleeping better. I noticed a huge improvement in my singing, and had much more freedom of movement. After a month or two of study, I no longer needed to use the muscle relaxants. I always look forward to sessions with Morgan because she is so smart and kind. Somehow, I leave each session more energetic than when I came in. That is a testament to both the Alexander Technique, and the joy Morgan has for teaching."

—Allison C., Actor and Writer

"I came to see Morgan because I had been experiencing pain and discomfort in my wrists and shoulders, and I also wanted to become more efficient and fluid in the physical activities I do (like playing drums). Before working with Morgan, I was not really aware of what my body was doing, I carried unnecessary tension in my muscles, and my sense of standing up straight was wrong. After working closely with Morgan, she helped me get more in tune with my body, pointing out (much to my surprise) all the tension I've been holding onto. After 10 lessons, I have found a new (and correct) sense of standing up tall that gives me a boost of confidence, and I have learned to relax my wrists and shoulders to ease pain. I am becoming more aware, not just of my body but also my movements, which makes my drumming better -- my timing has improved! I will be continuing my work with the Alexander Technique, and recommend Morgan to any of my friends who are interested in it."

—Sam T., Drummer

"Atlanta you are very lucky to have Morgan Rysdon as your go to Alexander practitioner. I have been receiving Alexander work for over 20 years so I have had various teachers. Morgan is by far one of the best. My former teacher taught Morgan and I am amazed at how perceptive and kind she is. I was having some neck impingement issues and after working with Morgan for several sessions my impingement was gone. Alexander work is subtle and yet very powerful in forming better habits in using our bodies. We really can control a lot more than we think and having an experienced Alexander practitioner like Morgan will help us use our bodies better which then helps to relieve stress."—Marie Papp, Professional photographer + stylist for J.Hilburn


"Morgan helped me become aware of my head. I know that at first sounds funny, but she truly did. In becoming aware of the head/neck relationship and in applying basic principles or methods of the Alexander Technique with Morgan's guidance for everyday activities like sitting, standing, and walking, I was able to do these things a whole lot easier and I experienced a reduction in neck strain and discomfort."

I am a classically-trained singer and I found the learned principles to have direct implications in my own singing and teaching. I am so glad I met Morgan and I can highly recommend her as a teacher because of her knowledge, warmth and patient persistence. Wow, what a difference working with Morgan has made in my professional life and overall health!"

— Tami P., Classically-Trained Singer + Voice Teacher

"Before I was introduced to the Alexander Technique, I had resigned myself to the fact that the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders were something that I had to learn to cope with. Through the Alexander Technique and my work with Morgan, I have learned not only how to hold myself more effectively, but also to identify when I have reverted back to old ‘bad habits’, and eliminate the daily, ongoing pain I used to deal with. The Alexander Technique is a terrific alternative to chiropractic or other more invasive medical care for pain and back issues. Morgan is an intuitive and empathetic teacher – she reads her student’s temperaments and physical concerns and tailors her communication to those needs. Most importantly, Morgan is not just an unbelievably talented teacher of the Alexander technique; she is truly invested in the health, well-being and improvement of her students."

—Corrie H., Lawyer and Equestrian


Alexander Technique for Parkinson's

"Why have Wednesday’s at 2:15pm become so significant in such a short period of time? For the simple reasons that for an hour I get to participate in an Alexander Technique class that has had a fundamental and transformative effect on both my PD symptoms and on me as an individual with PD. PD is a quiet villain – stealing your dignity while shrinking you as a person. Its symptoms include tremor but less well-known are balance and gait issues combined with speech and postural weakness among others. For an hour, in a careful, thoughtful, structured program of movement, vocal exercises and meditation our Alexander Techniques class addresses each of these PD symptoms. Throughout the class our instructor guides us through the exercises using gentle hands-on direction and support. For PD patients, often locked in by the stiffness and awkward immobility of PD, hands-on guidance is both calming and liberating; reassuring and encouraging. Human touch can bring even the toughest participant to tears of joy. Our luminous leader is Morgan Rysdon, whose patience, intelligence and joyfulness make our Wednesdays so special."

—Richard K., Retired (and living with PD)

Alexander Technique for Cerebral Palsy

"I came to the Morgan with the hope of having better posture and balance. After studying with Morgan, I realized that the Alexander Technique is a method that extends well beyond those two aspects. Her outstanding care, dedication and patience has enabled me to appreciate the depth of the technique. I have developed a deeper appreciation for the mind body connection, as I am now able to apply the Alexander Technique in daily activities such as sitting, standing and exercising. It is empowering to feel that even when I can’t alter all aspects of a situation, I have the power to change the way my body responds."

—Lauren S., Teacher (and living with Cerebral Palsy)

Alexander Technqiue for Traumatic Brain Injury

"Last year I came to Morgan for help recovering from a traumatic brain injury. I needed to cope with sensory over stimulation. After beginning work with Morgan, in short order my everyday symptoms became more tolerable. Learning mind body connection techniques to keep my body in a relaxed and”ready" condition has allowed me to heal far beyond my original expectations. This improvement has been noticed by my physicians as well as my various rehab therapists. Learning to understand the influence thoughts and habitual behaviors have on my posture and stress levels has been the elusive key I've been searching for to proceed. Alexander technique allows me to progress into the physical and mental well-being I've been striving for. It is my opinion, had I not come to Morgan and became a student of Alexander technique I would not enjoy my present lifestyle. It is a comfort to know that having the knowledge of Alexander technique and incorporating it on a daily basis will serve me for the rest of my life."

—Susan (and living with TBI)

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