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Your posture represents you :: let's improve it!

We've all been there. The first 15 minutes of sitting down, in front of our computer, perched nice and upright in our seats. We feel good—and pretty confident that we look as nice as well. However after a few minutes of working at our keyboards we find ourselves in the unavoidable "slump". And for some of us (Eek! *Gulp* SHHH) it's actually quite comfortable sitting like this at our desks......or is it?

You might have noticed that after some time sitting in this "slumped" position isn't quite as comfortable as it used to be. Or perhaps you are getting older and what once was tolerable has now started to nag you. Maybe you're interested in aging more gracefully, but the hunched shoulders and rounded back your starting to notice now bother you. Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your posture, I've got great news (something that comes as a surprise for most of my students!) :: good posture doesn't have to be hard to find. It's actually much easier than you ever knew and I'm here to help you. If you've ever thought any of the following:

—I have poor posture, but I don't know how to change it.

—My neck, back and shoulders hurt (and this causes me to slump).

—Do I have to slump as I get older? (Good news: the short answer is no!)

You're ready for real tools you can use to improve your posture—free of pain and discomfort. And I'll answer everyone's question of how to get and sustain a natural, upright posture in everyday life without having to walk around with a book on the top of your head.

"Before working with Morgan I was experiencing frequent discomfort while sitting and standing–even for short periods, my posture was poor and I had chronic neck pain from the long hours I spent on my laptop working as a media professional. After just a few sessions with Morgan, I gained an understanding and awareness of my body's natural movement and how I could facilitate that by simply being mindful. In the sessions that followed, my chronic neck pain was relieved, my ease and range of movement grew and I can sit or stand comfortably while working and, surprisingly, my posture now attracts daily compliments. I can once again enjoy long walks around the city, attend film festivals; I can do whatever I want with comfort and confidence thanks to Morgan's kind attention to my problems and the knowledge and insight she's shared with me."

— Troy L., Media Professional

"I stumbled into the Alexander Technique and Morgan quite randomly... I was a photographer, spending too many hours at my desk, and felt my posture and presence starting to just feel so weighed down. The first few sessions were interesting, and I kept coming back for more - what I found intriguing was learning so much about my habits, and how I treat and see my body, and how Morgan shows me how to start to remedy my relationship with these habits. I apply the technique not just at my desk now, but in line at the market, while exercising, on flights, while trying to sleep or shower... it becomes a part of who you are and how you see the world. Before my first visit, I thought it would be akin to visiting a chiropractor, but in reality, the technique and Morgan is so much more... it's an active, deeper, reflective, introspective weekly experience."

—Jessica A., Photographer

Yoann Boyer

Your pain doesn't define you :: let's get it under control!

We've all had it at one time or another, all of us have similar responses to it (no one really likes it), and it's as unique as the rest of us are. Its name is Pain.

Now everyone knows that in life some pain is inevitable. Heck, most of the time we even shrug it off. And when it comes, we expect it will last only a few short hours, maybe even a couple of days, or perhaps—at most—a week, but certainly after that we will be back to normal. Or will we?

This is not always the case. And when we experience chronic—or reoccurring—pain we start seeing the limitations and impact that pain can have on our everyday life. It can wear us down, prevent us from doing things we love, shift our mood, or even keep us from moving forward in our lives.

You may have tried medicine, cortisone shots, chiropractors, massages, physical therapy or even surgery and found that your pain persists, is only temporarily relieved, or the solutions are too expensive to continue. Whatever kind of pain you are experiencing, you deserve relief and the skills to manage, minimize or (if possible!) eliminate it completely.

And (Great news!) I'm here to help you. Good solutions beget good results! If you've ever experienced the following:

—Your back hurts on a daily basis in the same place—and in the same way (perhaps a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10) and you've simply gotten used to it always being this way.

—Your neck and/or shoulders give you trouble and you find small ways to compensate during the day (perhaps not lifting your troubled arm up above your shoulder to reach a water bottle above the microwave—yeah, you know what I'm talking about).

—You have a pain that came on all of a sudden—out of nowhere—(for example, after you bent down at your desk to pick up a pencil) and now that pain doesn't seem to want to go away.

You're ready for pain free(r) living. And I'm here to show you how small changes to your daily living can get you there.  (*Psst* Life is hard, but it doesn't have to be that hard. Let's start changing things!)

"I came to Morgan in hope of finding some relief for the upper back pain I've experienced for years. Being an engineer, I wanted to understand the workings of The Alexander Technique before I'd really believe it could help. Morgans adaptive, candid teaching style and strong knowledge of the science and philosophy behind The Alexander Technique were well-suited to my way of learning. Within a few weeks of lessons I could see they were helping and I was understanding why. I am now able to control my upper back pain on my own for the first time and I continue to benefit from my lessons with Morgan."

— Chris N., Computer Programmer


Stress management :: giving you skills to last a lifetime!

It affects all of us: physically, emotionally, and mentally. As a result of too much it can lead to severe health related issues. And, believe it or not, we all need it. (Yikes!.....I know!)

Stress—in short amounts—is actually a good thing. It is an autonomic, biological response to environmental stimuli and without it we would not survive. So why, oh why, does it cause us so much distress?

Everyone experiences stress throughout their life. However, how we cope with it varies from person to person. Unlike manners, or how to ride a bike though most of us are rarely taught how to handle it. We learn most of our coping mechanisms by observing others or trial and error. This is great if we happen to be one of those kinds of people who simply knows everything and realizes how to talk ourselves down from stressful situations, but the majority of us our left to our own devices and in some cases are drowning in our inability to cope with stress successfully.

Don't fret (you're not alone!) I'm here to help. If you've ever thought the following:

—Everyone has stress. How I feel is normal......but why do I feel SO stressed?

—Yeah, I'm stressed, but it's alright. It won't last. If I can just get thru today. This week. Next month. (You get the picture.)

—My circumstances are more stressful than most people. I'm doing ok, but I wish I was doing better with it.

You're ready to learn what less stress does for your overall health + well-being. And I'm here to teach you the skills that you'll be using day in and day out.

Is this right for you?

Each one of us is unique :: that's why I offer free 15-minute phone consultations to everyone looking for a path to change.