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{FREE} EVENTS :: Your Daily Calm :: Connect and Relax!

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening I lead a {FREE} Zoom call, Your Daily Calm,  at 8.00pm (EST) for anyone interested in ending their day with some much-needed relaxation. I guide you through a mind-body meditation where you'll be breathing deeper and feeling calmer by the end.

Details below:

Your Daily Calm meets via Zoom at 8.00pm (EST) every Monday thru Thursday at the following link:
Or with:
Meeting ID: 682 582 1729
Password: 213006

Hoping everyone is staying healthy and safe—keep choosing easy breathing and love over fear. We will get through this together.

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Better posture not only helps you avoid pain (and fatigue), but it also influences the way others view us and the way we view ourselves. I'd love to help you find the posture brings out the best in you!

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Studies show that 1 in 10 Americans have experienced pain every day for 3 months or more. I don't want you to be just another statistic.



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Over time, continued stress on your body may contribute to serious health problems (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other illnesses, as well as mental disorders like depression or anxiety). I'm here to help you learn the most useful skills to minimize—and manage—the daily stress that you endure.

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"I am now able to control my upper back pain on my own for the first time."

—Chris N., Computer Programmer


"Morgan is an intuitive and empathetic teacher – she reads her student’s temperaments and physical concerns and tailors her communication to those needs. Most importantly, Morgan is not just an unbelievably talented teacher of the Alexander technique; she is truly invested in the health, well-being and improvement of her students."

—Corrie H., Lawyer and Equestrian

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Each one of us is unique :: that's why I offer free 15-minute phone consultations to everyone looking for a path to change.

Morgan Rysdon