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{Drop-in} Special-Series:: ONLINE Improve your Posture without Pain

Every Wednesday beginning September 7  — November 16 @ 6.15pm I will be co-teaching a mini-series class with Melissa Brown via the JCC. Details below:

Learn how to move through life with more ease and less stress using the principles of the Alexander Technique. Develop skills to release tension and compression in your body, and discover easier, more efficient ways of moving to improve your alignment and overall sense of well-being. Each class is focused on a specific topic and includes time to address individual needs and goals. Be prepared to observe your habits and discover ways to feel more comfortable every day. Recordings of each class will be made available to registered participants to watch again, or in the event that you are unable to attend live. Drop-ins are welcome.

Week 1: Intro: Improve Movement through Presence (Morgan Rysdon) September 7
Week 2: Sitting and Standing Part I: Learn to Sit and Stand Without Slumping (Melissa Brown) September 14
Week 3: Sitting and Standing Part II: Re-inventing sitting and standing to discover more ease (Morgan Rysdon) September 21
Week 4: Walking and Bending with Ease and Poise:  Learn to walk, move, and bend more easily (Melissa Brown) September 28
Week 5: Breathe Better: Do you ever notice that you are holding your breath or taking short, shallow breaths? (Melissa Brown) October 12
Week 6: Improve the Quality of Your Voice (Morgan Rysdon) October 19
Weeks 7: Find Solutions to Back Pain (Melissa Brown) October 26
Week 8: Improve your Presentation Skills: How to Be Confident While Presenting (Morgan Rysdon) November 2
Week 9: Stay Poised and Easy When Engaged in Challenging Activities (Melissa Brown) November 9
Week 10: Find Relief for Neck and Shoulder Pain (Morgan Rysdon) November 16

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Better posture not only helps you avoid pain (and fatigue), but it also influences the way others view us and the way we view ourselves. I'd love to help you find the posture brings out the best in you!

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Studies show that 1 in 10 Americans have experienced pain every day for 3 months or more. I don't want you to be just another statistic.



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Over time, continued stress on your body may contribute to serious health problems (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other illnesses, as well as mental disorders like depression or anxiety). I'm here to help you learn the most useful skills to minimize—and manage—the daily stress that you endure.

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"I am now able to control my upper back pain on my own for the first time."

—Chris N., Computer Programmer


"Morgan is an intuitive and empathetic teacher – she reads her student’s temperaments and physical concerns and tailors her communication to those needs. Most importantly, Morgan is not just an unbelievably talented teacher of the Alexander technique; she is truly invested in the health, well-being and improvement of her students."

—Corrie H., Lawyer and Equestrian

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