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{Drop-in} Special-Series:: ONLINE Improve your Posture without Pain

Every Wednesday beginning September 27th — December 6th @ 6:15PM—7:30PM I will be co-teaching a mini-series class with Melissa Brown via the JCC. Details below:

[VIRTUAL] Improve Your Body's Posture: A 10-Week Alexander Technique online experience

Morgan Rysdon and Melissa Brown, Alexander Technique Practitioners

In this special 10-week series, you will learn how to improve your posture without strain or excessive muscular effort using the principles of the Alexander Technique. You'll gain skills to release tension and compression in your body, and discover easier, more efficient ways of moving to improve your alignment, and overall sense of well-being.

Each class is focused on a specific topic and will include time to address individual needs and goals. Be prepared to observe your habits and discover ways you can apply the tools learned to feel more comfortable everyday.

Please note, recordings of each class will be made available to registered participants to watch again, or in the event that you are unable to attend live.

Drop-ins are welcome.

September 27 [VIRTUAL] Class 1—Introduction to the Alexander Technique (Melissa Brown)
Learn how you can relieve daily aches and pains and improve chronic pain by becoming more aware in your everyday movement patterns.

October 4 [VIRTUAL] Class 2—Working with your Whole Body (Morgan Rysdon)In this class, you will learn how your whole body can help you find more comfort and ease in your daily life. And for those who experience pain in only one part of their body (neck, back, shoulders, etc.) you will learn how your whole body is needed to support the healing of these areas of tension and/or discomfort.

October 11 [VIRTUAL] Class 3—Reduce Shoulder Tension (Melissa Brown)
When we are stressed, we often experience shoulder tension and/or pain. In this class, you will learn how to release the tension that causes this pain. You will also look at the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and learn how to move your arms freely (eg to reach, to type, to clean) without tightening the shoulders. This class is especially helpful to breast cancer survivors who have tightness in the upper torso area or limitations in their range of movement due to surgery or other forms of treatment.

October 18 [VIRTUAL] Class 4—Balance, Fall Prevention, and Stability (Morgan Rysdon)
As we age balance becomes more of a concern for many of us. How we sit, stand, and move everyday requires a certain amount of stability that we do not want to lose. In this class, you will be taken through a series of exercises to help stabilize your body’s natural mechanics to ensure more ease in movement.

October 25 [VIRTUAL] Class 5—Sitting + Standing Part I: Learn to Sit + Stand Without Slumping (Melissa Brown)
We often think that good posture and ease don’t go together, but with the Alexander Technique, they do. In this class, you will learn how to release unnecessary tension in the body so that you can improve your posture and feel better. We will explore moving in and out of a chair without compromising the length of the spine for better everyday comfort.

November 1 [VIRTUAL] Class 6—Sitting + Standing Part II: Re-inventing Sitting and Standing to Discover More Ease (Morgan Rysdon)
What if the way you stood up and sat down changed how you felt everyday? In this class, we will explore this everyday movement and discover how improved sitting and standing can help you move with more balance, stability, and ease.

November 8 [VIRTUAL] Class 7—Walking with Ease and Poise (Melissa Brown)
We are often rushing around and not paying attention to what we are doing. Become aware of ways that you pull yourself out of alignment while you walk. This class will explore ways to release the tension that pulls you down so that your spine can attain its full length. Learn to walk tall with ease and efficiency.

November 15 [VIRTUAL] Class 8-- Learn How Improving Your Posture Can Help You De-Stress and Feel Better (Morgan Rysdon) 
Our body stiffens and gets tense under stress. Learn how to engage in mindfulness, deepen your breath and stay in the present moment and so you can move with more ease and efficiency.

November 29 [VIRTUAL] Class 9—Fundamental Skills for Deeper Breathing (Melissa Brown)  
Unconscious short, shallow breathing causes tension and can interfere with intake of oxygen. Learn how your breath is directly linked to your alignment and energy and ways that you can impact both.

December 6 [VIRTUAL] Class 10—Putting the Alexander Technique into Daily Practice (Morgan Rysdon) 
How can we incorporate the Alexander Technique into our every day life? In this class, you will discover different ways you can practice all the skills you learned over the past several weeks in your life. While this may be the end of this particular 10-week class series, we hope for most students this will also be the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-discovery to improve how you move, feel, and experience your body everyday.

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"I am now able to control my upper back pain on my own for the first time."

—Chris N., Computer Programmer


"Morgan is an intuitive and empathetic teacher – she reads her student’s temperaments and physical concerns and tailors her communication to those needs. Most importantly, Morgan is not just an unbelievably talented teacher of the Alexander technique; she is truly invested in the health, well-being and improvement of her students."

—Corrie H., Lawyer and Equestrian

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